Antiseptics & Anti-fungals

The natural antiseptic power of Tea Tree Oil

Do you know about the antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil?

  • Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, natural antiseptic which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi.
  • It is well tolerated by healthy skin tissue and does not inhibit normal cell growth.
  • Thursday Plantation guarantees low para-cymene content to limit potential irritation. Para-cymene is considered as a moderate irritant that occurs naturally in many essential oils and can also be formed as a result of the essential oil degrading.
  • Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil guarantees that the antibacterial agent - Terpinen-4-ol, exceeds International and Australian standards, guaranteeing the best quality Tea Tree Oil product available.

Thursday Plantation is an Integria Healthcare brand, a leader in natural healthcare solutions. Find out more about Integria Healthcare and their range of brands at

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